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May 26, 2009



This is a great and refreshing idea! I love bean "mushes" and anything goes well on crusty bread, right?! ;) This looks lovely :)

lululu refreshing!


i like the idea of pea shoots! must try it! you may have to wait another 20 years or so before you see them in irish supermarkets... sure i have to go to LIDL to get celeriac, because the shops in my village don't have them, not even the veg shop.


ooo gorgeous and so summery and fresh looking!! YUM!

Fiona Cameron

Laura, it's wonderful to see you back, I never gave up hope!
Even if the pics are from last summer they still look great and I'd love to be eating this right now, sadly it's winter in Australia ( isnt that a 70's song? No that was winter in America) and cold and wet today.... possibly a bit like Summer in Limmerick!! :o)
Keep writing and cooking and I'll keep reading and wishing I lived next door to you!
Fiona, Sydney Australia


just stumbled upon your blog... i love it! this recipe is something i've had before and adore. i look forward to checking back frequently!




Great recipe idea! Looks lovely.

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yum yum.. thanks for posting the recipe.. I think I will try this one when I have nothing to do.. :)

Looks fresh.. green! :)


you know to cook, you know to take pictures of food... brilliant

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that's what i noticed too afrodisiace.

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I'm not vegetar but this food is really great.

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Nice recipe. I will put that on the menu in our hotel

Brad Fallon

A very healthy recipe. I would like to try this since i promised myself to eat a lot more organic foods. The past years I'm not eating healthy that's why i gained extra pounds. This is very easy to prepare. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Yum! Great recipe.

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Recipe looks great. I will add my own home grown tomatoes to it. Thanks!

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Sounds very fresh this recipe. I like your plans with all your pots going on. Hope you get some good results from that lot. Your camera shots are pretty good as well, does look tasty.

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i really like it! this formula is something i've had before and really like. i look ahead to verifying again frequently!

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