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I'm a former archaeology student turned baker, who now tries to ply the people of Limerick with muffins and other baked goods. My daughter is my most enthusiastic guinea-pig (although I try to squeeze in her 5 a day to compensate)
I do remember baking with my mum when I was younger and I can remember the first cake I made alone (coffee). However as the second of six kids, afternoons spent cooking in the kitchen were rare and turn your back for a second and the results of your hard work were nothing but a few crumbs!
It was only after my daughter was born that I really began to cook, learning the balance between enjoying making something like a lasagne from scratch and saying "not tonight" and picking up the phone for a takeaway.
This is my first attempt at writing about food and sharing my experiences. I will take this on the road occasionally and I would ask for forbearance if I wander off course sometimes!


cooking (baking especially), books (in any size shape, form, movies/dvd's (when i can get to watch them) my favourite at the moment is my black books complete series box-set. paris is one of my favourite places despite their indifference to non-meat eaters, everytime i go i just eat my weight in pastry! and i will drop pretty much anything to see nick cave live., archaeology, subject)